Study Strategies That You Can Use To Prepare For an Essay Exam

Essay exams are common in schools and are used to test students understanding of the course. Unlike the regular exams that focus on memorization, essay exam is all about analysis. Hence, most students do not see the need to study. However, essay exams need you to pull together information from various parts of the course to write a coherent answer, support your argument, and give examples. That might be challenging if you have not studied the course materials.

In addition to testing your knowledge, an essay exam tests other things such as:

  • Your critical thinking skills.
  • Whether you can write a well-structured response
  • Your knowledge of concepts, theories, and ideas application.

For you to pass an essay exam, you need to be well familiar with the course content, perspectives, and theories of the course. However, do not worry. There are several strategies that you can use to study for an essay exam.

  • Develop A Study Guide

As you have seen, an essay exam requires you to show connections between the ideas and tie them together with the main theme of the course. The best way to go about it is to create a study guide.

A study guide is a document that tries to show the major themes of a course and combine information from different units of the course. When creating a study guide, you need to write down information from various units under a single theme. Read through the lecture notes and state the main themes of the course.

  • Look For Help

Studying for an exam essay may take most of your time, and you might not have time for other things such as doing the assignment. In such cases, I search for someone to write my paper on the internet. Some academic writers dedicate their time to help students with their papers at a small fee.

They ensure that they write well-researched papers and deliver on time. Regardless of which level of study you are or how complicated the paper is, you will get a writer to work on it. Using academic writing services will take the assignment stress from you as you concentrate on studying for the essay exam.

  • Study Throughout The Semester

You need to study the relevant course material provided throughout the semester. If you have any questions, you can ask for clarification, create short summaries, have study groups, and complete class assignments.

Try to guess the questions

When the lecturers are setting an essay exam, they normally review the course material that they have taught to pick a topic. The aim is to ensure that the students bring together the main themes of the course. You can go through the same process and try to guess the question.

Go through the syllabus, read notes, and study guide. Think of the concepts that you have learned throughout the semester. Consider the type of questions you could have asked if you were a professor.

  • Write Possible Answers

Trying to come up with questions that might be asked is one part of studying for the essay exam. The other part of studying is trying to come up with answers to the questions you have identified. You can do this by stating the answers down.

Start with creating a clear thesis that answers the question and expands each section of the outline. Complete by adding examples that you would give to support your main ideas in each section.


These are the best strategies that you can use to study for your essay exam. Follow these tips when preparing for an essay exam. You will excel.