About Us

This unique resource – a combination of video clips, celebrity interviews,
students’ stories, activities and follow-up lessons – encourages students to use
their own experiences to develop safety strategies specific to them. The learning
pack is designed to provide teachers with cross-curricular ideas to deliver vital
messages of personal safety within Citizenship and Personal, Social and Health
Education (PSHE).

Teachers are encouraged to add their own ideas to the suggestions and guidelines
in the pack and to adapt lessons and teaching techniques to the needs of individual
pupils, thus ensuring that a student-centred approach is taken.

Quite deliberately, time scales for use of the learning materials have not been
prescribed for this project. Each episode of the film is designed to be played at
the start of a lesson and used to stimulate discussion and activity. We suggest one
episode of the soap is played each week over a period of five weeks and the issues
explored (cross-curricular). It is not necessary to cover all the issues raised in a single
episode. However, episodes should be scheduled properly within the school timetable
to enable teachers of various subjects to contribute to the learning process.

Research shows that young people are more likely to engage with a soap opera than
text-based resources. The teenage audience will relate to the characters, and through
the scenarios will be stimulated to explore and assess risks in everyday life. Celebrity
role models are used to show the young viewers that no matter who we are, we all
face risks and we all need personal safety strategies.